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Building Better Humans Project - Does seeking comfort set us up for failure - Dan Cooper

This week I sat down with Dan Cooper to chat about his most recent 350 mile (560km) race through the Yukon and Alaska along the Iditarod Trail.

Dan has some great thoughts on the benefits of discomfort in our lives and right now this is something we can see unfolding before our very eyes. Those who have made themselves used to discomfort are handling this coronavirus situation much better than those who constantly seek comfort.

98 Podcast Episode 9 - Dan Cooper

This episode we interviewed Dan Cooper. He's a 18 year veteran of SASR, Australia's tier one Special Forces Unit, Former Strength & Power Coach for the QLD Reds, holds a Masters in Sport Science and is currently completing a PHD.

We talk on many subjects, stress, anxiety, sports performance and behaviour change. This is one of our favourites - everyone can listen to this and get something. Enjoy!

Building Better Humans Project - Dan Cooper MSC - former Soldier and Human Performance Specialist

This week I was fortunate to sit down with Dan Cooper who specialises in human performance but not just in theory, Dan spent 22 years in the Army with 18 of those in Australia's most elite forces - the SASR.

We had a great chat around finding the edge of your potential, human performance, mindset and how his military experience is now working to help others perform in sports, business and life.

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